Faculty of Social Sciences and Education

All the concerned students are informed to participate in the class of Econometrics.

The F2F class in Econometrics from 7-9 Chaitra, 2075 from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM. 

This is virtual forum for teacher 

Training 1

This is a course for the Mathematics Students enrolled in NOU. β

It is the first Chapter of the Study. It covers 5 marks. 

Training 3

Objectives of the Session I,
In this training session, you will be gonna be learned including MOODLE Instructional Pedagogy, File and Folder Management and Pair-Graded Work. 

This course is designed to share the reading resources as well as internal examination's question papers and end semester sample question papers of third contact session starting from Itahari to Dhangadi.